Have a blessed Easter ...... More Pictures on puppy page


Have A Blessed Easter.....- Red Tuxedo, Reds,

Chocolate Merles

Apricots and red partis

What an awsome spring!

We have rufus red ( the red that keeps its color), caramel, apricot, chocolate, cream, golden, parti and an occasional black puppy.


We are a loving family who breeds Labradoodles in our San Antonio home. We pride ourselves on the way we raise our puppies. All the dogs are trained and live inside our home. We treat the Labradoodle puppies with care and give them lots of love so that they will be fun and social pets. Our goal is to make it easy to transition them from our loving home into yours.

Each year we have around 4 new litters of Labradoodle puppies. From the moment they are born, we train our puppies using sensory training. We then continue with crate training and basic commands. Our hope and goal is to provide you with a low-stress transition so you can start enjoying time with your Labradoodle puppy as soon as possible.

We do not ship puppies, however you are welcome to fly or drive here to pick up your awesome puppy.

Labradoodles make excellent pets for families.


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